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Facebook deletes over 50 activist group accounts

Facebook has today deleted the following group accounts: UWE Occupation Chesterfield Stopthecuts Camberwell AntiCuts IVA Womensrevolution… all deleted Tower Hamlets Greens No Cuts ArtsAgainst Cuts London Student Assembly Beat’n Streets Roscoe ‘Manchester’ Occupation Bristol Bookfair Newcastle Occupation Socialist Unity Whospeaks … Continue reading

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LGBT activists arrested at Royal Wedding

If all of those pre-emptive (hello there Nineteen Eighty-Four!) arrests of anarchists weren’t bad enough, a group of LGBT activists were also arrested so that they wouldn’t ‘offend’ the royals. Article via Lesbilicious here.

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Alfie Meadows faces violent disorder charge

Alfie Meadows, a student protester against tuition fees in London last year, needed life-saving brain surgery after being hit with a police truncheon.  He is now facing a violent disorder charge.  The IPCC are currently reviewing the complaint, but nothing … Continue reading

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Cameron defends nepotism in internship schemes

No surprises there but surely that’s not helping with your Big Society plans? Or perhaps social mobility was never really an issue in the first place… Via Yahoo! News

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More acts of police brutality in Bristol

Now a Labour MP and a Labour council candidate have experienced first hand the lengths the police will go to ‘protect’ private companies and their buildings. This happened during the protests against a Tesco opening in Bristol. Guardian article here. … Continue reading

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Article on kettling: has it radicalised Britain’s youth?

Excellent article on kettling via The Guardian here.

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High five to whoever designed this

Spotted in The Stool Pigeon.

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