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Spanish protests photos May 2011

A brilliant (but alarming as always) set of photos depicting the recent protests in Spain. Advertisements

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It is lawful to drag a disabled protester out of his wheelchair…

…and ‘inadvertently’ hitting him with a baton – that’s all justified according to today’s report which was supervised by the IPCC. “Jody McIntyre, 21, was attacked by officers during a demonstration on December 9, but the actions police were “justifiable … Continue reading

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PC Harwood to finally face manslaughter charges

After the new medial evidence came to light, PC Harwood will now be facing manslaughter charges for the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in 2009. We hope that justice will eventually be served. News via Yahoo here

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Ken Clarke aka current Justice Secretary in rape row

If Nadine Dorries isn’t bad enough, Ken Clarke is on a whole different level. The current Justice Secretary who wants to give shorter sentences to rapists who admit they are guilty, also said  that there were differences in the categories … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries says teaching girls to say ‘No’ will stop them being sexually abused

Nadine Dorries, the conservative MP who seems to be on a mission to destroy women’s rights once and for all, has opened her mouth yet again and spewed even more offensive nonsense. Apparently teaching young girls to say ‘No’ to … Continue reading

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Edinburgh UK Uncut activist arrested for holding a banner

UK Uncut activist and co-editor of the Bright Green blog, Alasdair Thompson, was yesterday arrested for silently holding a banner at a protest in British Home Stores in Edinburgh.  Many believe that this was a politically motivated arrest and one done … Continue reading

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Women get ready for SlutMarch

After that dickhead Canadian policeman said that “women should not dress like sluts if they wanted to avoid being raped” (we’ve all heard this more than once in our sad, sad, society haven’t we?), a protest was organised called ‘SlutMarch’ … Continue reading

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