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Police dogs left to die in car, handler tries to kill himself

Two police dogs were left to die in a car which reached sweltering temperatures on the hottest day of the year.  The dog handler, after finding out that the dogs were dead, fled the scene and attempted suicide.  “It claimed … Continue reading

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Clause 12 – trouble on the horizon

Cameron’s proposed Sentencing and Legal Aid bill seems like a sneaky way to deter activists and anyone who wants to protest against the Government. The tricky Clause 12 would state that arrestees may or may not have free legal aid … Continue reading

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UK Gov lists 8 new nuclear power sites

Despite growing public pressure against nuclear power, the recent Japanese disaster and European countries like Germany saying a big fat NO to new nuclear power stations, the UK government once again goes straight ahead with their stone age plans. Today … Continue reading

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Vancouver riots ‘kissing couple’ video

Video footage has emerged showing what really happened to the infamous ‘kissing couple’ during last week’s Vancouver riots. What seemed like a random or staged passionate act of love in the midst of violence was actually the boyfriend calming down … Continue reading

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Police criticised for death of man after using CS gas on him

Another death at the hands of our out of control Police force.  This one was in 2006 and only now seems to have seen some light. Source

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