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Anarchism – report it to the Police!

“A weekly briefing by the City of Westminster’s ‘Counter Terrorist [sic] Focus Desk’ (see here – PDF file) calls for al anarchist activities and events to be reported to the police. Next to an anarchist symbol, the briefing states: Anarchism … Continue reading

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ATOS response to recording Work Capability Assessments

Well, well, this isn’t surprising… Article here

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UK Uncut protesters: 109 have charges dropped

Some good news finally!  CPS have said that 109 UK Uncut activists who held a protest at Fortnum & Mason, have had their charges dropped.  Hooray! Source

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UK politically motivated arrests and long sentences

Charlie Gilmour has recently dominated headlines for being sentenced for 16 months for ‘violent disorder‘ for his behaviour at the student protests last year. Link Joining him, Francis Fernie, student who was involved with protests outside of Fortnum & Mason … Continue reading

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Stanford Prison experiment 40 years on

This is an interesting article which interviews participants of the Standford Prison experiment nearly 40 years ago. Article here

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